Turner Real Estate Investments

Turner Real Estate Investments (TREI) comprises a core team of principals who have worked together for decades, with expertise in the fields of construction, finance, development, asset management, and entitlements. TREI is active in the industrial, flex, and low rise office markets in the southwestern United States. As an active real estate operator with a focus on long-term value creation and retention of high quality properties, TREI is aggressively growing its portfolio through both acquisition and development.  TREI has acquired over 3  million square feet of existing assets that include value add existing facilities, short sales, notes, and properties in bankruptcy. TREI also has developed nearly 5 million square feet of industrial and office properties, and has acquired and entitled nearly 400 acres of raw land.


For more than 40 years, Turner Real Estate Investments has achieved success because of deep market knowledge, operational experience and long standing relationships. Knowledge, experience and relationships result in speed. Our deal flow is substantial and our ability to choose the right investment is the result of decades of experience. We can move quickly and know how to reposition properties to maximize investment returns. We have developed and purchased millions of square feet of property and hundreds of acres of land. We understand the motivations of each of the parties in the transaction (buyers, sellers, lenders, cities and brokers), which allows us to structure successful transactions.

Philosophy and Approach

Recognizing and valuing risk is the foundation of our investment philosophy. We carefully and thoughtfully study real estate markets and look for mistakes, mispricing, misperceptions and inefficiencies that can result in above market risk adjusted returns to our investors. We look for out of favor assets and markets where we believe “conventional wisdom” has punished values unfairly. Market inefficiencies don’t last long and we move very fast when we find a niche to pursue.

Effective investing requires adaptability and flexibility. Our investment focus is on commercial properties and within that space we have purchased notes and value add properties and have been active in land entitlement and building development. We move to different areas of our core competency as the niches gain and lose favor. We believe in buying and building quality assets. Exceptional quality requires exceptional effort. Few firms are willing to commit the time and resources required to produce quality assets. Our quality projects give us an edge in the market.

We believe our reputation is the most important asset we have. Every investment has hundreds of small decisions and interactions and we realize a good reputation is the result of doing the right thing over and over. This belief drives everything. Our long standing relationships are built on this foundation.