Investing with TREI


Experienced and discerning commercial real estate investors choose to invest with Turner Real Estate Investments (TREI) to secure the benefits of the firm’s impressive track record and significant competitive advantages. TREI’s unparalleled sourcing pipeline with banks, special servicers, loan sale advisors, and brokers ensures the firm gets first and last looks on all of the market’s best opportunities. The TREI team is able to capitalize on these opportunities by leveraging its deep market knowledge, strategic insight, and ability to close quickly. Further, TREI’s over 35 years of development experience enables the firm to add value to its portfolio assets. As a result, TREI investors realize a significant return on their investments.

Turner Opportunity Fund I, L.P.

Turner Opportunity Fund I, L.P. was launched in 2009 as Turner Real Estate Investments’ first fund offering. The fund is a discretionary real estate private equity fund that capitalized on the opportunity to buy well-located, well-built industrial and office projects at dramatic discounts in the California, Arizona and Nevada markets. Ten of the eleven investments in Fund I have been realized with strong returns. Full liquidation of Fund I is anticipated by late 2017.

Turner Real Estate Fund II, L.P.

Turner Real Estate Fund II, L.P. was launched in 2012 and is the second fund from Turner Real Estate Investments. This discretionary real estate private equity fund invests in industrial, office, and flex properties in market-ready locations throughout the West. All ten of the investments in Fund II have been liquidated with annual returns to LP’s of 19.01% (net of all fees).

Turner Real Estate Fund III, L.P.

Turner Real Estate Fund III, L.P., the third fund from Turner Real Estate Investments, launched in late 2013. This fund will pursue the same successful strategy by purchasing off market, out of favor or underperforming industrial and office real estate, and targeting early stage recovery markets and development opportunities. The target size of the transactions will be $2 million to $15 million. Three of the four investments in Fund III have been realized.

Future Investments

TREI anticipates offering future investments for accredited investors. For more information, please contact Sean A. Sheward or Rusty Turner.